About Us

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Who We Are ?

The creator and founder of Good Vibes for Kids has a Bachelor of Education
degree  (Junior Primary/Primary), which was completed at Flinders University.
Being in the field of Primary School teaching for ten years I felt that there was a
great need for the children of today to be taught these life transforming skills.

Kerry was nominated for a Ruth Probert Award in 2003 for excellence in teaching
and she has a certificate for teaching children with vision impairment, and an
updated first aid certificate. She has been responsible for increasing children's
Literacy Scores dramatically. So much so that 70% were in the top percentage of the
state (in State LAN Testing).

I have come to realise that too many children are being labelled as being "naughty".
But, this often is not the case. They are either "bored" or in most cases they have
"very low self esteem".

Aspects of this program have been trialled at Saint Spyridon College, and there
have been dramatic improvements in students which were once seen as
"problematic". They are now seen as extremely clever and highly capable students.

"This program is a must for parents who are seeking a way to motivate their

It is really important that all children value themselves and think in a
positive way, especially when it comes to their education and

It is important that the teacher who is teaching these life
transforming skills acts as a positive role model, in order for the
children to gain a fuller understanding on how important being
positive is in their lives.

“We attract what we pay attention to, but oftentimes children
(and adults) don't realise that they are focusing on what they
don't want, rather than what they do want” (Teel, Patti)

“If children are to learn these positive life skills, they must be
taught” (Gilbert, Janelle, 2002).

Why do the “Good Vibes for Kids” course?

Here are a few reasons why this course is
beneficial for you and your children:

* It will help them develop their
talents and experience less anxiety.

* The children will grow with self-
confidence and maintain a sense of perspective
and positiveness throughout their lives.

* They will look for good things in their daily
experiences instead of focusing on negative.

* They will have an increased chance of learning
adequate motivational strategies and applying them in the
classroom and their daily lives.

* They will develop a more positive outlook on life.

* The children will become more aware of the influence the
media has on our society, e.g. television, video games

* They will learn how to set goals for themselves and
strive to achieve them!