"Good Vibes for Kids" Products


This book contains detailed and easy to follow lessons with
worksheets that the children can complete.

It is designed to go for 8 weeks each term (32 weeks in a year),
one lesson a week which will go for about 45 minutes.

Here is a free version which you can download:


"Good Vibes for Kids" COMPUTER GAME

This computer game can be played on Apple Mac Computers
or PC Computers. It has voice instruction and a voice narrator
throughout the game.

In two games you can choose to be one of the two characters:
Happy Harry or Positive Penny.

It contains three separate games as follows:

1. Positive Affirmation Game
Children need to click on the positive affirmations to cheer up
the character.

2. Compliments Game
Children need to choose a character and fly through the white
compliment clouds, trying their best to avoid the storm clouds!
They must get 20 to win!

3. Problem Solving Game
This game shows the children different scenarios (animations)
and they need to choose A, B or C to show how they would
solve them


Kerry Foumakis
Course Manager
Mobile: 0403 161 842