This is a course that is all about the kids! Our Aim is to keep children
positive about life and to get the most out of their potential.

Good Vibes For Kids is a course which has been established by a professional primary school teacher who is passionate about changing children’s lives. Teaching them how to think, speak and act in a more positive way, through a detailed curriculum that teaches positive reinforcement, self-esteem building techniques and goal setting for the future.


We have experience in catering for children with various types of learning disabilities such as forms of dyslexia, hearing impairment, ADHD and Autism.


The good news is that this course is available for ages 7-13 years and is  available to purchase through this website for other teachers/parents  from all around the world! It is the first of it’s kind and available to you!  It is a full year course (4 terms) and can come with the Good Vibes For  Kids Positive Thinking PC Video Game.

We have also commenced teaching our popular COURSES ONLINE so students can do the course in the comfort of their own home! Check them out!


We also teach our Good Vibes for Kids Course through LIVE workshops in Adelaide, South Australia. We will be branching Australia Wide, please keep an eye on our website for a location near you!

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ONLY $39 LIFETIME subscription no more to pay per FAMILY, SCHOOL and HEALTH CARE Centre  and you get 10% off of all products and services).



For further information please Contact Kerry Foumakis (Course Coordinator) on 0403 161 842.

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For further information please Contact Kerry Foumakis