Good Vibes for Kids COURSE 1

What you receive for our Course 1 –


Lessons on:


1- Appreciation (15min lesson VIDEO CLIP + Material)

What the meaning of appreciation is, what we can show appreciation for, how we can show it and why we should show appreciation in our lives.


2- Positive Affirmations / Positive Thinking (15min lesson VIDEO CLIP + Material)
What does this mean, what are some daily Affirmations we can use in our daily lives and why this is important.


3- Emotions – what makes you feel the way you do? (15min lesson VIDEO CLIP + Material)
Why it is important to recognise our emotions and how we can control our negative emotions for the better.

4- Steps to boosting self-esteem (15min lesson VIDEO CLIP + Material)
What is self-esteem and some steps to help you boost your self-esteem.


5- Conflict Resolution (15min lesson VIDEO CLIP + Material)
What Conflict Resolution is and how to solve problems in a calm and appropriate manner. We give some helpful steps to use for conflict resolution with bullies (in school settings) and with your peers / friends.


6- Feeling in Control (15min lesson VIDEO CLIP + Material)
We discuss three steps for Feeling in Control – which involve ‘Caring for the Body’, ‘Pleasing the Mind’ and ‘Nurturing the Spirit’.


7- Media Influence (15min lesson VIDEO CLIP + Material)
Here we discuss how media plays a big role in influencing our lives and how we need to not only be choosy as to what we feed our minds by watching these programs but also be able to be critical about what they show.


8- Assessment Review


9- Certificate


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