Good Vibes for Kids COURSE 4

1- Compliments
What are ‘compliments’, why do we say them and use them in every day life and what are some examples of compliment starters.


2- What makes you happy?
What is happiness, the importance of recognising your ‘inner happiness’ and we focus on what makes you happy.


3- Reaching your true potential in life

What does ‘true potential’ mean and how do we reach our ‘true potentials’?


4- Influencing others to be more positive
How we can influence others to be more positive.


5- Importance of personal reflection time
What is ‘personal reflection time’, what are some questions we can ask ourselves during this time and what are the key steps in using this time.

6- Saving Money – Good Debt VS Bad Debt
When I start making money, what do I do with it, what is debt and the difference between good debt and bad debt.


7- The Importance of Self-belief
We discuss what ‘self-belief is, why it is important to have this quality and what the steps are to gaining ‘self-belief’.


8- Assessment Review


9- Certificate


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